Sunday, February 27, 2011

How To Know If a Girl Likes You

1. She never ever ignores you.
2. She pays attention to you whenever you speak and never turns down an offer to spend time with you (unless of course she has a genuine reason).
3. She never tries to pretend when she's around you.
4. She is herself, which means she's comfortable with you.
5. She is always helpful to you.
6. She will go out of the way to help you out with your work without ever complaining and when you thank her, she'll tell you you'd rather not.
7. She is the first one to congratulate you on your achievements or any special occasions.
8. She encourages you and supports you when you are feeling low.
9. She is the one who says Don't worry I'll always be there for you and sticks to her word.
10. She is comfortable while talking to you about almost any and everything.
11. She calls you up to say goodnight, and makes sure you have the sweetest dream ever.
12. She is genuinely concerned about your health and even snaps at you for not eating right or eating on time.
13. She enjoys chatting with you for hours together and discusses her experiences and her dreams.
14. Instead of passing flattering complements, she'll be honest with you and tell you what she likes as well as dislikes about you.
15. She doesn't hesitate to share her long terms dreams and aspirations with you.
16. When she talks about her future, she mentions you in it.

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