Sunday, April 17, 2011


*Please note that this is a spam/scam mail. Don't get cought by these type of mails.


This is really sick... positive way of course!

Please read this update:

TFT is Rocking and Rolling...

Over the past 24 hours we have launched some great
new features and we are really excited to share them
with you.

But before we do.... I want to tell you about a new
contest that is starting RIGHT NOW.

This contest will knock your socks off! In fact, many
people have told us that we are nuts for doing something
this big, but we are thrilled to be able to offer it to you!

What is the Contest?

Starting Mar 22nd through Apr 30th (40 days) we are
running an enrollment contest for the Top 10 members.

It doesn't matter what you have done up to this point.

Everyone starts at 0 today and whoever sells the most
TFT packages in this 40 day span will receive the
following reward bonuses...

1st Place = $20,000
2nd Place = $10,000
3rd Place = $5,000
4th Place = New MacBook Pro
5th - 10th = iPad, Flat Screen TV or other Gadget

Yes, this is in US Dollars :)


Maybe companies who charge $500 or even $1,000
to enroll can do bonuses like this... But only $25?

Are you serious???

Do you realize the top person would have to enroll
800 people just to hit $20k in total sales?

Yes, but we don't care... We are investing our money
back into this company to turn it into a billion dollar
empire and the most important part of our investment
is YOU - Our TFT Team Members!

Therefore, we are happy to pay out these ridiculous
bonuses because it makes our company stronger and
helps everyone increase their belief in what we are
putting together here.

Let's Break Records Together!

OK... Now, if you haven't passed out or jumped on
the phone to start enrolling new members already,
here are some of our updates.

1. Our Video Email System

We now have a full blown email marketing tool that
has been fully customized for each TFT member.

All you have to do is login to your back office and click
the link to the "TFT Video Emailer." Once you click
the link you will gain access to 4 videos and a custom
template to easily promote to your prospects.

A few quick features...
- Easily create your own videos and email them out.
- Use our videos to send out quickly and easily.
- Upload email lists, chose from templates and go!

We will be doing a lot of training on this, including a
step-by-step overview this week so you can really
maximize this feature.

2. New Country Leaderboard

You will notice our country leaderboard has gone live
and we will display 25 of the top countries on the list.

We are showing this list to encourage growth in our
International Markets. We really want to push
people in countries that are close to hitting 1,000
members so we can fully support that country and
all future growth ... The UK is getting close!

3. Autoresponders for Free Loaders

Emails are live... You will now receive an email each
time a new Free Loader joins your team and each
time a new member upgrades.

We have a set of 15 emails going out to Free Loaders
over the course of 20 days.

We have a lot more features coming soon that will truly
help you be successful. Right now we literally have
about 10 solid features that are close (85-95% done).

This is so exciting, glad you are apart of it with us!
-TFT Support Team

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And if you like alertpay... this should be ready later any
time now. So you can pay using alertpay!

I'm really very excited and if you still have not joined yet
do it NOW.

I even help you build. Not saying I build it for you but
I gonna help and spend a % of my earnings on a MONTHLY
basis and ask you to send me link to put it in to a rotator
and buy then paid ads to promote the rotator link.

So with all the benefits this program has... and with my
offer... why not join now and get it going?


This is simply way to good to pass.



*Please note that this is a spam/scam mail. Don't get cought by these type of mails.

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