Sunday, April 10, 2011

Twilight star Nikki Reed is dating American Idol contestant Paul McDonald

Just a few months ago American Idol contestant Paul McDonald was an aspiring folk singer with one heck of a two-step. Now he's wooing Twilight's Nikki Reed.
It's official.Nikki Reed is calling American Idol's Paul McDonald her "boyfriend".
After meeting on the red carpet at the premiere of Red Riding Hood in March, Paul McDonald tells that they have "just been kind of hanging out."
Sparks were evident when they first met. The "Idol" cameras were rolling as Nikki Reed, in a strapless dress and flowing hair, gushes to Paul McDonald, "You're amazing. I'm blushing, I should go." Paul McDonald then says, "Wow, thank you" and the two awkwardly hug goodbye.
Paul McDonald says they still manage to squeeze in the time to hang out despite busy schedules. "There isn’t too much time," he says. "She's super busy and I'm super busy. But we'll figure it out.
As soon as Nikki Reid is out of ear shot, Paul McDonald turns to the camera crew and asks, "Was she a famous actress or something? I'd hang out with her!"
And it turns out, the two have been "hanging out" since then. No word on who got whose digits, but these two are totally into each other!

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