Thursday, March 17, 2011

Carlton Sports Network

According to gossip sources this channel will be opperated by ITN and profit will be collected by Yoshitha Rajapaksa.
Sri Lanka's first sports channel "Carlton Sports Network" was launched on UHF 22 along with "Prime TV".

Website : Carlton Sports Network -

As in the May 10 th 2010 TRC UHF TV Assignment UHF 24 is owned by ITN. So why they re-brand their channel as CSN on UHF 22. Shame on ITN and prime tv as a most profitable Government Institute. They should promote the 'PRIME TV' Brand. As I learn Prime tv have given 50 lack in every month for using this frequency. Is that true.... Why they cant get VHF Frequency for prime tv.

according to TRC CH22 belongs to VIS Broadcasting. VIS is also has some connection with TH TV.
In the beginning VIS showed some potential with Youth Radio but with the failed Your Radio channel source in the media industry say VIS CEO (Narendra Seelanatha)is also an unprofessional puppet like others in TH TV and closer to Rajapksa sons.

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