Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stargate mark- found in Ranmasu Uyana - Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Waishravana is know as the father of king Ravana. Waishravana also known as Wishrawasa, Wesamuni, lived in Wessagiriya (Waishravana giriya) in Anuradhapura. Isurumuniya, Ranmasu uyana are believed to be the oldest cities in Anuradhapura. King Wesamuni is the first ruler in this area.

Stargate markings are never found so clear in anywhere in the world. But in Sri Lanka, the Ranmasu uyana contains stone carving which is believed to be a key to a star gate with secret symbols. This has been carved in a stone wall located in the very same place and believed to be keeping all the key secrets to universal travels through star gates. Some of the Indian ideologists and propagandist historians define this great marking as a useless stone tablet but their sole intention is to suppress the true history of great ‘Hela Yakka’ generation lived in ancient Lanka thus keep Sri Lanka under their iron tyranny. The meaning of Ranmasu uyana reveals lot of secrets. The word itself define that it is “priceless land” because it may carries secrets to universal travels through star gate.

Later on this place was transformed in to an eco friendly city and Buddhist monks carried out their meditations here.


  1. Nice piece of information. Actually, I visited this place a while ago to see it for myself. But it is so sad that many are not even aware of its existence, let alone its significance. With the boom in tourism, public should be made aware of places like these.

  2. How do u know about this thing? i also hv some pics of this rock.I'll send it to you.

  3. This is our history and this is our heritage. Which we have forgotten. We didn't evolve from vijaya but we evolved from the great ravana. Cause for even today we feel a stirring in our blood when we visit these historical places