Sunday, March 27, 2011

The X Files - Season 1

X Files is one of the divisions in the FBI, devoted to unsolved cases that appear to have some unexplained, paranormal elements. The files take their name from the filing cabinet where they were kept originally filed under U for unsolved, they grew too big for the drawer and were moved to the less populated X cabinet. Soon, the X Files became a dumping ground for reporting of UFOs, alien abductions, and other arcana that the FBI didn't want to investigate or didn't believe in.
Fox Mulder, a serial killer specialist and a believer in paranormal phenomena ever since, as a child, he witnessed the abduction of his younger sister, requested to be transfered to the forgotten basement and began to ruffle a few feathers in the Bureau. Eventually, he was assigned a partner, the skeptical and scientific Dana Scully, who was assigned to discredit Mulder's works.
Instead of discrediting him, however, Scully slowly became Mulder's ally. The pair began to investigate cases that no one else wanted to touch and that couldn't be solved.

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*24 episodes in The X Files season 1
Episode 1 - Pilot
Episode 2 - Deep Throat
Episode 3 - Squeeze
Episode 4 - Conduit
Episode 5 - The.Jersey Devil
Episode 6 - Shadows
Episode 7 - Ghost In The Machine
Episode 8 - Ice
Episode 9 - Space

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Episode 10 - Fallen Angel
Episode 11 - Eve
Episode 12 - Fire
Episode 13 - Beyond The Sea
Episode 14 - Genderbender
Episode 15 - Lazarus
Episode 16 - Young At Heart
Episode 17 - E.B.E.A
Episode 18 - Miracle Man
Episode 19 - Shapes
Episode 20 - Darkness Falls
Episode 21 - Tooms
Episode 22 - Born Again
Episode 23 - Roland
Episode 24 - The Erlenmeyer Flask

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